Debtors ledger management

Debtors Ledger Management Course

Giving credit is a privilege given by business owners and should only be given to creditworthy repeat customers. Debt collection activities are the reaction of a small business owner when a customer doesn’t pay an outstanidng invoice by the date the payment is due.  But Debtors Ledger Management is more than debt collection because it encompasses all the aspects of the Debtors Ledger Management system:

Accounts receivable  *  Customer negotiation  *  Cash flow management  *  Training employees

Customer credit assessment     *     Policies and procedures     *     Debt collection Activities      

QLD Government Business website link – advice in offering credit and managing credit risk            

Proactively managing customer debt is the goal of Debtors Ledger Management

The rewards of an effective management system:

  • Customers are properly assessed for creditworthiness and therefore reduce credit risk
  • Labour costs for collection activities are reduced as a result of on-time payments
  • Due to collecting the payments early, the chance of writing off a sale is diminished
  • As a result of on-time payments your cash receipts recovery will increase
  • Early collection of overdue payments consequently lowers the risk of non-payment
  • As much as over 90% of your customers will pay by invoice-due-date
Download the course content document to get a description of all the lectures  ⇒

3 hour Online Video Lecture Course – 27 lectures – (watch preview video below)

Downloadable resources included in the course: 

Set of debt collection letters, phone script, customer credit application form, referee questionnaire, summary of the strategies, customer payment agreement form and more


Course Cost $220.00                     Enrol in Debtor’s Ledger Management Course               

The course offers 3 important strategies

  1. Strategy to reduce the current customer debt
  2. Overdue invoice strategy to manage the future invoices
  3. Strategy to manage the ongoing ledger

What will you get from this training?

  • Save money by reducing costs
  • Have an effective and efficient system
  • Be in control of customer debt
  • Reduce the risk of non-payment of invoices and write-offs

Watch this 3 minute preview video & intro to the Debtors Ledger Management Course

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Watch this 5 minute video to find out how to Reduce your Ledger Balance by 50%!

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To find out how healthy your debtor’s ledger system is, you can download a FREE office procedures assessment questionnaire from Biz Skills website to identify the gaps in your system.  Don’t return the questionnaire for a score as no two businesses are alike.  It is to stimulate your thinking so you can evaluate what sort of system you would like in your business.

FREE Download Office Procedures Assessment Tool for Debtor’s Ledger Management


Companion course

Policies and Procedures Course

Well written Policies and Procedures assist management to encourage employees to understand their roles and responsibilities.  The Policies and Procedures Course complements your accounts receivable strategies

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