Complaints Policy with Procedures for Small Business

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  • Online video lecture course
  • 7 lectures
  • Course duration: .75 hour
  • Skill level: beginner to intermediate
  • Certificate of completion
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Complaints Policy

The Complaints Policy Course is a step by step guide for setting up a tailored to suit your business.  Every small business needs a complaints policy.  But policies and procedures are not easy to write.  The process is easier with the assistance and advice for developing a complaints policy with procedures.  The final document is concise and can be used to train current and future employees.   The trainer will ask you questions about your processes to help you decide what is best for your business operations.  Combine this with the extra advice you can access from state government business websites resulting in a policy that will be unique for your business.

Link to QLD Government Business Website on preparing a complaints policy

Course Topics Include:

  • The basic criteria is discussed for setting up any policy with procedures
    • The specific language, tone and the structure of the document is described in detail
  • The step by step guide will create a policy with readability
    •  You can adapt the policy to your business operations
  • The importance of meetings to monitor complaints and an agenda template

Downloads in the course:

  • Qld Government business guidelines are added for extra information about customer dissatisfaction
  • There is a list of basic requirements of language and structure of a policy
  • A Complaints Policy template is included so you can get an idea of the outcome
  • Finally, there are 3 flowcharts of processes
    • Included is the ‘Customer complaints and inquiries handling procedure’

Why have a customer complaints policy?

  • It makes good business sense.
  • Currently, it is becoming increasingly harder to get new customers than retain the old ones.   So, making sure your customer service and complaints policies are up to date, and reviewing them constantly to improve customer satisfaction, will turn your happy customers into ambassadors – eager to return and ready to promote you with positive word-of-mouth references.

What else can a customer complaint policy do for my business?

  • A complaint should be considered as customer feedback and in addition, the feedback is a way to measure customer satisfaction
  • Listening to your customers can help improve a product or service.  Complaints identify faulty products
  • A reality check for business because complaints challenge the status quo – they can them develop, grow and improve
  • The pocess can test the customer service skills and identify areas for future employee training and policy improvements because complaints test internal systems and processes
  • Complaints should be viewed with open arms as opportunities to improvement
  • Training opportunities can be identified because the final document can be used for training current and new employees in the procedures you require them to observe, so you can maintain good relationships with your customers.
  • Leadership for your employees is especially relevant.  A well written complaints policy can provide guidance for employees, so they know how you want them to respond to a customer complaint.

Companion Courses

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