Terms of Trade Policy with Procedures Course

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  • Online video lecture course
  • 7 lectures
  • Course duration 1 hour
  • Skill level: intermediate
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Terms of Trade Policy with Procedures Course

The Terms of Trade Policy with Procedures Course is a step by step guide to create a unique policy for a your business.  The Policy defines the terms of trade a business will give a customer.  In addition, determines the circumstances when the payment of the sale is expected to be received.  This policy refers to the terms of trade, not the conditions of sale.  Many businesses combine the terms of trade with the conditions of sale on the back of invoices in small print.  Therefore, different customers call for different terms.  Most of all, there is a better chance of employees following the business’s vision due to the rules defined in a policy.

The policy covers situations such as the number of days, deposits and progress payments throughout the job.  Also, what happens if payment is not received; and when you will advise the customer of the terms.  Will it be when the customer gets the quote, or at the initial negotiation of the sale?  In addition, issues such as the format of the invoice are addressed.  As a result, what is included enhances your chances of getting paid on-time.

Advice from the QLD Government Business website:  “Sending a clear message to customers about when and how you expect to be paid will help you manage cash flow and maintain good customer relationships.”

QLD Government Business website link – setting payment terms

Course Topics Include:

  • Basic criteria for writing any policy with procedures results in readability
    • it includes the specific language and tone of the policy document
    • and the structure of the policy
  • You will have a unique policy to suit your business as a result of the step by step guide.
  • Monitoring outstanding customer debt is monitored by meetings and a agenda template is included

Downloads in the course:

  • A list of basic criteria of language and structure of a policy
  • The Terms of Trade policy template shows an example of the final document
  • Meeting agenda template is included.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

 Having experience in basic bookkeeping and accounts receivable would be an advantage

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