Webinar by Biz Skills for Queensland Small Business Week

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Queensland Small Business Week webinar

14 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Risk of Customers Not Paying

Webinar: Thursday 18th May 2017, 12.00pm to 1.00pm – Cost Free

Join presenter Zanette Phillips from Biz Skills as she presents 14 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Risk of a Customer Not Paying so you can form business strategies to recover outstanding customer debt more successfully.

The Webinar:

This Webinar offers business owners ways to reduce the risk of customers not paying their invoices and expands on those hints with extra information.  This advice will help, but businesses need to improve their upfront processes, policies and procedures to effectively take control of their customer debt.  In addition, it will specifically reduce the risk and the current debt they are carrying as it is costing them money the longer the debt is outstanding.

Business Focus:

Debtor’s Ledger Management is the main focus of the Biz skills suite of courses.  It is it is not just accounts receivable but also customer negotiation, customer credit assessment, policies and procedures, debt collection activities, training employees and cash flow management acknowledging that controlling customer debt is a more extensive, but inclusive process.  If all these elements are integrated with the goal to reduce the risk of unpaid customer debt then it becomes a sustainable and successful system.


Zanette Phillips is an entrepreneur, business manager, qualified trainer, speaker, author and small business owner. Her background has been in office administration and business management for over 30 years, covering over 20 different industries.

Biz Skills was established in 2013 because Zanette saw a need to develop a better way to control customer debt in a proactive, systematic and strategic approach.  Courses have been developed in ledger management, policies and procedures, customer service in online lecture videos.

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