Touch Typing is a quick and efficient way to type using all your fingers on the keyboard and typing without looking at the keys. Learning this skill is not difficult. It just requires practice.  The course is based on the criteria of the accredited course BSBITU102.  Ergonomics information is included to learn how to set up the workstation and sit correctly to minimise workstation injuries.

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Interactive Course

The Touch Typing course is interactive and many of the skills are demonstrated.  Each stage of the skills development is described so it can implemented.  A set of practice exercises and blocks of texts are included to be downloaded.  

Watch this 3 minute introduction

30 minute interactive lecture course – 5 lectures

Watch video to explain:

How to set up your computer to watch video and perform exercises at the same time’

Course Cost:  $55.00



Course Topics

  • Ergonomics and the correct sitting position for typing
  • The keyboarding skills
  • Proofreading, speed tests and calculating your Words/Per/Minute


  • Downloadable keyboard exercises and speed tests included