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Phone Script for Debtor Collection Calls

Many business people lack confidence when they phone a customer for an outstanding debt.  Consequently, they will avoid the task, leading to the customer debt getting older and harder to collect.  The point of the phone script is to provide questions and information to keep the conversation going until the right response is reached, which is – when the payment will be sent.  It gives the caller control of the conversation and maintains professionalism.  If the caller puts the phone down without getting a payment commitment then the result will another phone call and probably more after that.  Even collection professionals need a rough script before they pick up the phone.


QLD Government Business Website link – advice on chasing debtors

Course Topics Include:

  • The purpose of the phone script and what you get from the course
  • Preparing for the phone call
  • All the questions and advice you need to get a confirmation for payment
  • How to handle customer excuses and a list of the common ones
  • How to deal with payment avoiders and customers with cash flow problems
  • The importance of meetings to monitor customer payments

1 hour Online Video Lecture Course – 6 lectures

Downloadable resources included in the course:  The phone script, notes on customer excuses and cash flow problems, meeting agenda

Course Cost: $82.50                    Enrol in Phone Script Course

Download the course content document to get a description of all the lectures

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