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Biz Skills Online Interactive Lecture Video courses allow students to study at their own pace in a comfortable environment

Anything which is visual and has an aesthetic appeal is very easily processed by our brains.  Compared to words and audio, video is one of the easiest forms of transferring knowledge which needs to be learned and memorised

The interactive components occur throughout the courses where the teacher is seen describing and demonstrating the skill.  After each demonstration, the student is asked to stop the video, complete a task or exercise, and then continue with the lecture

The video recordings allow the student to replay the video as often as needed until they feel confident they have learned the skill

Click on a course title to view a video course introduction which will give you an example of the course presentation


Responding to Customer Complaints


Research has shown that online video lectures are more effective in communicating course concepts and content

It points out the value the video has when the course instructor is featured and ‘speaks’ to the student. It is a visual image which makes the instructor a real person – a person that the student is able to make a connection with

Also the research supports the effectiveness of the video in creating a sense of presence, which further supports social and cognitive presence which are critical components to a successful learning experience.  Source: Online Learning Insights

The Success and Failure of Business Depends on Cash Flow Control


  • Interactive Digital Literacy
  • Customer Service Course
  • Business Courses


  • Procedure Writing
  • Personal Training
  • System Facilitation


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