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Some businesses offer credit to gain a competitive advantage in their market. Balancing the potential for increased sales with the risk of reduced cash flow is an important part of managing risk in your business.

Being consistent when chasing debtors will help you to recover debts while maintaining good customer relationships.

Phone Script course for debt collection calls

Phone Script for Outstanding Debtors

Phoning for outstanding payments with confidence and responding appropriately to customer excuses can be difficult for some people. 

The Phone Script provides advice to prolong the conversation with the goal of a commitment for payment

Policies and procedures course

Policies and Procedures Courses

Well written Policies and Procedures assist managers to inspire employees to understand their roles and responsibilities.

The Policies and Procedures Course complements your effective debt collection strategies


Responding to Customer Complaints

Whether you run your business from home, online, or out of a commercial office, your customers are vital to your success. Loyal customers are those who come back to purchase from your business again. Not only can they help you increase your profits, they also often generate positive word of mouth, which can be an effective marketing tool. Generating and keeping loyal customers is a priority for any business

The Responding to Customer Complaints course is about the communication skills needed when responding to a customer complaint, not about solving the problem.  The course describes the skills required to maintain good customer relationships during the complaint process.

Responding to customer complaints course


If specific or individual policies are all you need in your business, then these Single Policy courses can provide a step by step guidance in creating those policies with procedures

Complaints Policy

Every business needs a complaints policy, but policies and procedures are not easy to write.  The Complaints Policy Course’s step by step guide for creating the complaints policy, makes the task easier.

Customer Credit Policy

Do you want a strategy that defines who is given credit, and how to assess the customer for reliability to pay?  Then the Customer Credit Policy Course is a step by step guide to create that policy.

Terms of Trade Policy

How do you effectively advise your customer when you expect them to pay?  By creating the Terms of Trade Policy, so your customers know you are serious about the credit you provide.

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