Debtors Ledger Management Course with Procedures

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  • Online video lecture course
  • 27 lectures
  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Certificate of Completion
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Debtors Ledger Management Course

The Debtors Ledger Management Course encompasses all the aspects of giving your customer credit.  It is not just about debt collection. It is about proactively managing accounts receivable, customer negotiation, cash flow management, training employees in collection skills, customer credit assessment, policies and procedures and debt collection activities.  Leading to the result of controlling customer debt and most of all getting customers to pay by due date.  Furthermore, you will reduce your risk of a sale write-off.

QLD Government Business website link – managing debtors

Skill level: Intermediate.  A knowledge of bookkeeping, accounts receivable and cash flow principles would be an advantage.

The rewards of an effective management system:

  • Customers are properly assessed for creditworthiness and therefore will reduce credit risk
  • Labour costs for collection activities are reduced as a result of on time payments
  • Due to collecting the payments early, the chance of writing off a sale is diminished
  • As a result of on-time payments your cash receipts recovery will increase
  • Early collection of outstanding payments consequently lowers the risk of unpaid customer debt
  • As much as over 90% of your customers will pay by invoice-due-date

Course topics include:

  • The first strategy will reduce the current customer debt
  • The next strategy will manage future ongoing ledger
  • Cost of running a ledger and writing off an invoice
  • Why don’t customers pay?
  • Can your business afford to give credit?
  • Evaluating office procedures
  • Step by step advice on how to negotiate your terms of trade with your customer
  • Make sure your customer pays by due date with the overdue invoice strategy
  • The importance of Policies and Procedures

Downloads in the course:

  • A complete transcript of the lecture with each video
  • Set of 5 debt collection letters
  • Payment agreement for the customer
  • Phone script for those who need assistance in what to say
  • 20 other templates and documents

Companion Course

Policies and Procedures Course

Well written Policies and Procedures assist management to encourage employees to understand their roles and responsibilities.  The Policies and Procedures Course complements your accounts receivable strategies


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